Bloomsbury Publishing Let’s Do Spelling Press Release

Let’s Do Spelling

New iPhone and iPad Apps
From Andrew Brodie and Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury publishes new Andrew Brodie Apps in award-winning series

Bloomsbury is delighted to announce the launch of six new spelling Apps for primary school kids by popular curriculum expert and ex-headteacher Andrew Brodie. The ‘Let’s Do Spelling Apps’ feature hundreds of words for children to practise all carefully matched to the latest National Curriculum wordlists and are perfect preparations for SATs.

The Spelling Apps cover six age ranges: 5-6, 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10 and 10-11. They are split into bright and interactive sections all with inbuilt audio, including ‘Learn, Write, Check’ where children can practise spelling words at different difficulty levels and ‘Progress tests’ where children can have a go at spelling words in context. There’s an opportunity for children to record their own quiz and then have fun testing their friends and family. A handy progress screen shows at a glance how well you are getting on and what you still need to practise.

“The App is child friendly, engaging and supports the teaching of National Curriculum spelling rules. A must have app for primary school teachers and children.”

John Bee, Computing Manager, South Street Community Primary School, Gateshead

For a taste of the App and how it’s used by children, view the trailer below.

Bloomsbury has a limited number of promo codes to give to journalists interested in reviewing the App so please contact Laura Beveridge if you would be interested in receiving one.

Aimer Media develops new publishing models using the opportunities created by mobile Apps. They are dedicated to bringing out the editorial vision of a project that goes beyond the printed page, into a download. Aimer Media have a wealth of publishing and digital experience, and work with a wide range of clients, such as Tate Publishing, Arts Council Collection, and UNESCO. In 2014, Aimer Media won the Future Book Award: best children’s non-fiction digital book, for Let’s Do Mental Maths 6-7 (Bloomsbury). Aimer Media have been nominated for the Future Book Awards four times! Aimer Media and Bloomsbury’s Telling the Time app series was shortlisted for the 2016 BETT Awards.

Andrew Brodie was a headteacher for twelve years after many successful years in the primary classroom. He began writing his bestselling educational books in 1992 and since then has established himself as a name that teachers have come to trust. He is still very much involved in education and continues to teach on a regular basis. Find him on Twitter @ABrodieWriter

New book releases

~ Andrew Brodie’s Spelling for Literacy, the country’s most widely used spelling programme, has been completely updated and is now available to buy.
~ The six Let’s Do Arithmetic books are due out in January 2016.
~ The six books in the Let’s Do Addition and Subtraction series will be published in April 2016.
~ Let’s Do Multiplication and Division publish in September 2016

Let’s Do Mental Maths 6-7 has won Best Children’s Non-Fiction Digital Book

Great news: Let’s Do Mental Maths 6-7 has won Best Children’s Non-Fiction Digital Book in the prestigious Bookseller Futurebook Awards.

Andrew Brodie’s Let’s Do Mental Maths apps have won a Gold Award in the Primary Teacher Update Awards. The apps, suitable for home or school, are available on the AppStore for iPads, iPods and iPhones – simply key in Andrew Brodie to find them

All six Let’s Do Mental Maths apps Win Gold Award!


All six Let’s Do Mental Maths apps are now available on the Apple Appstore and have won the Gold Award from Primary Update. One of the titles also received the prestigious Children’s Non-fiction Digital Book of the Year at the Bookseller FutureBook Awards. NEW APP RELEASES FOR 2015. The three new apps, Let’s Tell the Time will be released early in 2015. Let’s Do Spelling and Let’s Do Handwriting will follow later.

Let’s Do Mental Maths Apps Released!


Andrew Brodie’s two new apps have been released on the Apple Appstore and both appear in the top ten for Kids apps in their appropriate age-group. They are also in the Guardian top twenty.

Let’s Do Mental Maths for Ages 6-7 and Let’s Do Mental Maths for Ages 10-11 are the first releases of six Mental Maths apps and will be followed by six Spelling and six Handwriting apps.