Latest Releases

We have great success with the six titles in each of the following series: Let’s Do Mental Maths, Let’s Do Spelling, Let’s Do Handwriting, Let’s Do Times Tables and Let’s Do Comprehension. New this year are the six titles in each of these series: Let’s Do Arithmetic, Let’s Do Addition and Subtraction, Let’s Do Multiplication and Division. All of the books are available through Amazon and many are also now available in Sainsburys.

Look out as well for the latest apps for iPhone and iPad: in addition to the award-winning Let’s Do Mental Maths and Telling the Time apps, six new Let’s Do Spelling apps are released in August 2016.

Three new Telling the Time apps are now available to download from Apple’s App Store! Follow the links below by clicking on the app icon.

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For Teachers

We have a wide range of workbooks for helping primary pupils and some for helping secondary pupils too. Look out as well for our parents’ guides to Maths and to Phonics and Spelling.

For Schools

Britain’s most popular spelling books for teachers have now been reissued in new editions matched totally to the latest National Curriculum. There are six books in the new versions of Spelling for Literacy.

To help pupils to prepare for the SATs, look out for Arithmetic Tests for ages 6-7 and Arithmetic Tests for ages 10-11. Both of these titles provide practice in arithmetic skills and follow the format of the latest tests.