We specialise in teaching Maths and English but also offer History, Geography and RE.


We help students to build their confidence in maths, whether they need support with basic skills or are seeking to extend their performance to achieve the highest grades. All work is matched to the ability level of each individual pupil. Our current students range in age from 7 to 19. For older students we cover work from all GCSE boards, including the International GCSE. Take a look at some of our videos for help with certain aspects of maths.


Our pupils, aged 7 to 16, receive help in all aspects of English including comprehension, spelling, handwriting and creative writing. GCSE students are supported across the full range of the syllabus.


Anita Abrams supports pupils across the GCSE History syllabus.


Anita Abrams supports pupils across the GCSE RE syllabus.


Andrew Brodie supports pupils across the GCSE Geography syllabus.